Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Week 4 Studs & Duds

2012 Fantasy Football Week 4 Studs and Duds

The following guys are the players you needto make sure you have n your starting lineup or possibly avoid. 


Aaron Rodgers 
Drew Brees
Tom Brady
Matt Ryan
Eli Manning 
Joe Flacco

Carson Palmer - He's airing it out every week. 
Josh Freeman - Redskin passing D is horrible. Gave up over 500 yards to Eli

Arian Foster
Ray Rice
LeSean McCoy 
Darren McFadden
ice Jones-Drew 
Adrian Peterson
Marshawn Lynch
Jamaal Charles 

Frank Gore - With Revis the Jets D with have to cheat in pas coverage. Running lanes will open up
Ben Tate - Foster and Tate will both have big days
Jacquizz Rodgers - Really bad Carolina run D, Turner may even have a decent day

Calvin Johnson
A.J. Green
Julio Jones,
Jordy Nelson

Denarius Moore - Hayward Bay is hurt and may not play. More balls for Moore
DeSean Jackson - Maclin will be out. Jack will hit a big play
Vincent Jackson Washing allowing big game. Look at AJ Gren
Wes Welker - Is NE is finally done throwing their temper tantrum 
Marques Colston - It's looking like a shootout with Green Bay
Brandon Lloyd - Plenty of balls to go around


Matthew Stafford - Viking Defense is nasty
RG3 - Tamp made Cam Newton look terrible. They'll make RG3 look Super Duper Bad
Michael Vick - Giants pass rush will be all over him. 
Cam Newton - Atlanta D confused Manning. Newton's head will be spinning
Jay Cutler, - Time for his "Ryan Leaf" meltdown 

Chris Johnson - really… do we have to say why?
Shonn Greene, It's Shonn Greene…it's the 49ers. 
Mikel Leshoure  - Not against the Vikings
Steven Jackson - Not against the Seahawks
Alfred Morris - Not against Tamps
Andre Brown  - Philly's run D hasn't looked half bad. Risky pick but Eli may take over. 

Brandon Marshall - Remember when I said "Cutler meltdown"
Dez Bryant - has it done it in over a year, why would this week be any different? 
Redskin Receivers - The entire redskins offense will stink it up this week. 

Waiver Wire Week 4

2012 Fantasy Football Week 4 Waiver Wire

The following guys are the players you need to target on your waiver wire.
Ranked in order of priority 

Carson Palmer  - Throwing the ball a ton
Andy Dalton - most likely not available, but if he is grab him. 
Fitzpatrick - Really putting it together
Ponder - Continues to impress
Kevin Kolb - Gaining confidence
Locker - More of a dynasty - keeper  pick, but all evidence points to a nice career
Nick Foles - How long is Philly going to stick with Vick, or when will Vick break a rib?
Shaun Hill - if Stafford can't go he'll fill in nicely

Mikel Leshoure - If you didn't grab him two weeks ago, you've most likely missed out
Rashard Mendenhall - Just in case your league forgot about him
Ryan Williams - Beenie is out with turf toe. May get all the carries
Jacquizz Rodgers -  Turner just doesn't fit that offense. 
Bilal Powell  - Green is on his way out
Choice - Is F. Jackson going to be healthy? spot fill in only
Daniel Thomas  -  for all Bush owners
Ronnie Hillman - McGahee injury has opened the door
Jackie Battle - Matthews is made of glass. 

WRs - TEs
Denarius Moore - healthy and Hayward-Bay is out
Kyle Rudolph - add him
Nate Burleson - first viable option, opposite Johnson he had 12 targets in week 3
Brian Hartline - Big play threat in Miami
Lance Moore - He's been targeted a ton
Andrew Hawkins - Making plays, super fast, making the best of each touch. 
 Nate Washington -  lots of targets
Jerome Simpson - He's going to be a part of the Viking passing game. 
T.Y. Hilton, - Collie is done
Dante Rosario, -  for all Gates owners
Ramses Barden - Eli is throwing for 500 yards. Must grab for Nicks owners
Golden Tate - May be Wilson's top WR
Michael Floyd - There was a sighting

Friday, September 21, 2012

Week 3 Studs and Duds

2012 Fantasy Football Week 3 Studs and Duds

The following guys are the players you needto make sure you have n your starting lineup or possibly avoid. 


Joe Flacco - Going to just keep bombing it out, NE defense not looking good
Kevin Kolb - Good for 200 plus and 2 TDs and going against old team
Mark Sanchez - Going to prove ti unfaithful coaches wrong
Matt Cassel - Saints Defense worst in the league, going to be a shoot out
Carson Palmer - 670 yards in first two games and has had 2 dropped TDs
Andrew Luck - It's his team and he's carring them. No running game

CJ Spiller - Top RB this week
Payton Hillis - Chiefs are going to have a big game. This is the week for Hillis
Alfred Morris - Nobody else even getting carries in DC
Jackie Battle - Ball controll game plan against Atlanta. Battle is their best back
Reggie Bush - 
Marshawn Lynch - Going to get a ton of carries and conrolling the clock. 
Pierre Thomsa - Running with attitude.

arl Bennett - going against suspect D and Cutler loves him
Johnathan Baldwin - Breakout game
Miles Austin - he's the #1 WR in Dallas, forget about Dez
Jacobt Jones - sleeper, but getting into a groove with his QB
Denarius Moore - Carson amer is throwing the ball around. Moore is his best option
DeShaun Jacksin - J Mac is hurt and jackson is due for a big play
Malcom Floyde - He is the #1 option
Brent Celick - Vick loves his TEs
Dennis Pita - He's the man in Baltimore


Payton Manning - 
Limited amount of drives. Houston will shut him down. Mid rank performance. 
Josh Freeman -  He's just not good, Dallas has great Pass D
Andy Dalton - Watching him play, he's struggling
Michael Vick - AZ's game plan is slow the game down and make the other team stay patient. 
Aaron Rodgers - Seahawks will run run run and slow the game. Minimum oppertunities

Michael Turner - Just not the right offense for his running style
Darren McFadden - unless he has 120 reeiving yards, he does nothing
tephen Ridley - Tom Brady is going to tae controll of this win
Adrien Peterson - Going against the 49ers
Willis McGahee - Houston D is nasty, and Denver will abandon the running game. 
Cedric Benson - Aaron Rodgers team

WRs + TEs
Vincent Jackson - Freeman won't be able to get him the ball
Danny Amendola - 5 for 48 yards. Chicago will focus on shutting him down. 
Fred Davis - Just not part of the new offense this year
Dex Bryant - hasn't had a 100 game since 2010
Larry Fitz - AZ can't run, and can't throw. They win 10 - 7 games
Demaryius Thomas - Chicago doesn't give up big plays and that's Thomas's bread and butter

and I understand my spelling sucks and I type for sh!t

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Week 2 Studs and Duds

2012 Fantasy Football Week 2 Studs and Duds

The following guys are the players you needto make sure you have n your starting lineup or possibly avoid. 

Joe Flacco
Kevin Kolb
Matt Cassel
Christian Ponder

Johnathan dwayer
Toby Gerhart
Ben tate
Alfred Morris
BenJarvus Green-Ellis
Marshawn Lynch

Randell Cobb
Earl Bennett
Brandon LaFell
Lance Moore
Emmanuel Sanders
Michael Crabtree
Rod Streater

Heath Miller
Tony Moeaki
Scott Chandler
Fred Davis


Michael Vick
Mark Sanchez
Matt Schaub
Russel Wilson
Josh Freeman

The Jacksonville combo of MJD and Jennings
Kevin Smith
Trent Richardson
Cedric Benson
Shonn Greene

of course - Deangelo Williams, Ronnie Brown, AZ runningbacks

Kevin Ogletree
Mike Wallace
Vincent Jackson
Santonio Holmes

brandon pettigrew
Marcedes Lewis
Jared Cook

Waiver Wire- Week 2

2012 Fantasy Football Week 2 Waiver Wire

The following guys are the players you need to target on your waiver wire. 

Blaine Gabbert
Christian Ponder
Kevin Kolb
Matt Hasselbeck

Alfred Morris
Jonathan Dwyer
Evan Royster
Jacquizz Rodgers,
Kendall Hunter
McKel Leshore

Rod Streater
Andrew Hawkins
Randall Cobb
Alshon Jeffery
Stephan Hill
Lance Moore

Coby Fleener
Marcedes Lewis
Kyle Rudolph

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