Friday, September 21, 2012

Week 3 Studs and Duds

2012 Fantasy Football Week 3 Studs and Duds

The following guys are the players you needto make sure you have n your starting lineup or possibly avoid. 


Joe Flacco - Going to just keep bombing it out, NE defense not looking good
Kevin Kolb - Good for 200 plus and 2 TDs and going against old team
Mark Sanchez - Going to prove ti unfaithful coaches wrong
Matt Cassel - Saints Defense worst in the league, going to be a shoot out
Carson Palmer - 670 yards in first two games and has had 2 dropped TDs
Andrew Luck - It's his team and he's carring them. No running game

CJ Spiller - Top RB this week
Payton Hillis - Chiefs are going to have a big game. This is the week for Hillis
Alfred Morris - Nobody else even getting carries in DC
Jackie Battle - Ball controll game plan against Atlanta. Battle is their best back
Reggie Bush - 
Marshawn Lynch - Going to get a ton of carries and conrolling the clock. 
Pierre Thomsa - Running with attitude.

arl Bennett - going against suspect D and Cutler loves him
Johnathan Baldwin - Breakout game
Miles Austin - he's the #1 WR in Dallas, forget about Dez
Jacobt Jones - sleeper, but getting into a groove with his QB
Denarius Moore - Carson amer is throwing the ball around. Moore is his best option
DeShaun Jacksin - J Mac is hurt and jackson is due for a big play
Malcom Floyde - He is the #1 option
Brent Celick - Vick loves his TEs
Dennis Pita - He's the man in Baltimore


Payton Manning - 
Limited amount of drives. Houston will shut him down. Mid rank performance. 
Josh Freeman -  He's just not good, Dallas has great Pass D
Andy Dalton - Watching him play, he's struggling
Michael Vick - AZ's game plan is slow the game down and make the other team stay patient. 
Aaron Rodgers - Seahawks will run run run and slow the game. Minimum oppertunities

Michael Turner - Just not the right offense for his running style
Darren McFadden - unless he has 120 reeiving yards, he does nothing
tephen Ridley - Tom Brady is going to tae controll of this win
Adrien Peterson - Going against the 49ers
Willis McGahee - Houston D is nasty, and Denver will abandon the running game. 
Cedric Benson - Aaron Rodgers team

WRs + TEs
Vincent Jackson - Freeman won't be able to get him the ball
Danny Amendola - 5 for 48 yards. Chicago will focus on shutting him down. 
Fred Davis - Just not part of the new offense this year
Dex Bryant - hasn't had a 100 game since 2010
Larry Fitz - AZ can't run, and can't throw. They win 10 - 7 games
Demaryius Thomas - Chicago doesn't give up big plays and that's Thomas's bread and butter

and I understand my spelling sucks and I type for sh!t

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