Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Week 4 Studs & Duds

2012 Fantasy Football Week 4 Studs and Duds

The following guys are the players you needto make sure you have n your starting lineup or possibly avoid. 


Aaron Rodgers 
Drew Brees
Tom Brady
Matt Ryan
Eli Manning 
Joe Flacco

Carson Palmer - He's airing it out every week. 
Josh Freeman - Redskin passing D is horrible. Gave up over 500 yards to Eli

Arian Foster
Ray Rice
LeSean McCoy 
Darren McFadden
ice Jones-Drew 
Adrian Peterson
Marshawn Lynch
Jamaal Charles 

Frank Gore - With Revis the Jets D with have to cheat in pas coverage. Running lanes will open up
Ben Tate - Foster and Tate will both have big days
Jacquizz Rodgers - Really bad Carolina run D, Turner may even have a decent day

Calvin Johnson
A.J. Green
Julio Jones,
Jordy Nelson

Denarius Moore - Hayward Bay is hurt and may not play. More balls for Moore
DeSean Jackson - Maclin will be out. Jack will hit a big play
Vincent Jackson Washing allowing big game. Look at AJ Gren
Wes Welker - Is NE is finally done throwing their temper tantrum 
Marques Colston - It's looking like a shootout with Green Bay
Brandon Lloyd - Plenty of balls to go around


Matthew Stafford - Viking Defense is nasty
RG3 - Tamp made Cam Newton look terrible. They'll make RG3 look Super Duper Bad
Michael Vick - Giants pass rush will be all over him. 
Cam Newton - Atlanta D confused Manning. Newton's head will be spinning
Jay Cutler, - Time for his "Ryan Leaf" meltdown 

Chris Johnson - really… do we have to say why?
Shonn Greene, It's Shonn Greene…it's the 49ers. 
Mikel Leshoure  - Not against the Vikings
Steven Jackson - Not against the Seahawks
Alfred Morris - Not against Tamps
Andre Brown  - Philly's run D hasn't looked half bad. Risky pick but Eli may take over. 

Brandon Marshall - Remember when I said "Cutler meltdown"
Dez Bryant - has it done it in over a year, why would this week be any different? 
Redskin Receivers - The entire redskins offense will stink it up this week. 

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